Getting free poker money

For a lot of players, especially in these tough economic times, playing poker online is an expensive pastime. Getting free poker money is a great way to continue to enjoy your online poker game without breaking the bank. After all, this is free money get some here now!

Free poker deals usually come with some terms and conditions. First off, not all countries will be eligible to take part in the promotions. This is because there are a higher number of scammers in certain countries – at least, this is what the people offering these bonuses think. So they limit the countries where players can apply from.

Next, they only want new players for these bonuses, so you cannot already have an existing account, not even a play money account, at the poker room where the bonus cash is being offered.

These days, many of the sites that provide free bankrolls prefer to give the money to people who can actually play poker already. I suppose that they are tired of giving out $50 bonuses to people who proceed to sit down at a poker table and lose the whole lot in five minutes. There is no value in that for anyone, except the player that won the money.

These promotions will only work if the player that gets the money plays a lot of poker with it. Then the people that run the promotion will make money too. But if the player loses the money having played only a few hands then this is a negative profit situation. The bonus providers want to eliminate this situation and so a lot of them have started making their prospective poker players take a poker quiz in order to qualify for the bonus.

This way only the better players get the money and everybody benefits, except for the poorer players of course.

Some places that have these bonuses will limit the stakes that you can play with the money to the lower limits and micro stakes.

So there are quite a few terms and conditions on these offers. But if you need the cash then you really should try to follow all the rules and do your best to qualify. It only takes a little time to study up on the required strategy before taking the quiz anyway, and it is a relatively big reward for a small effort.

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